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Happy Friday, I hope you are all doing well in this quarantine period.

One of my friend received some great news yesterday, his father who was in the hospital and on ventilators due to Covid-19 has recovered enough to come back home. God has been merciful to his family.

For those families who have been bereaved by Covid, my deepest condolences.

On a lighter note, today I am reviewing the book mentioned above and as always it will be detailed but I will try not to give too many spoilers for those who may wish to read the book after reading this post. I reviewed the first book in the Guild Hunter series in my previous blog; please check that out as well because it will give you a broader picture.

Archangel’s Kiss

Michaela had obviously never rescinded the order she’d once given Riker – to kill Elena.

“You run to your master,” the vampire said without warning. “Like a child.”

“Raphael is my lover, not my master.” She cursed herself for responding to the barb the instant the words left her mouth.

“Is that what you think?” he said, and it was a croon, soft and mocking in its sweetness “They call you his pet.”

This is the second book of the Guild Hunter series published in 2010.

The second book continues with the story of Elena and Raphael, their bond was forged and deepened by the life and death circumstances they faced in the previous book. Throughout this book they each hang on to their identity as individuals especially Elena while making concertions for a brand new relationship neither of them are willing to let go of no matter the danger it might place them in.

It has been one year since the archangel Uram was hunted down and Elena has woken up from her coma with wings, this is an anomaly in living history (although because there are some sleeping ancients, it is not entirely certain that Elena is the first Made angel).

The archangel of China, Lijuan has evolved or devolved (this is discussed in the book) with new powers to make the dead walk again and she is hosting a ball which she has invited Raphael and newly minted angel Elena to. As Elena is very new to immortality, she is easily breakable but her lover is one of the Cadre (ten archangels ruling the world) so she cannot afford to be seen as his weakness. Elena has to fight hard to get her new body in shape and learn how to navigate the skies with her unique wings amid searching for a powerful angelic perpetrator playing a sick game involving the brutalization of a vulnerable child just to become an archangel and attending Lijuan’s ball (Elena really hates balls but as she is now an archangel’s consort, she has little choice). 

Elena’s memories of the devastating day she lost her family is more prominent in her conscious and subconscious mind (trauma like that will always hunt the mind). There is more insight to Elena’s broken relationship with her father as a consequence of the tragedy her family suffered.  

There are new characters like Jason, one of the seven who due to a difficult past no longer sings despite the fact that his voice is so beautiful it rivals archangel Calaine’s (Raphael’s mother). Exploring these characters further in other books will be insightful and thrilling.

At the end of the book Lijuan evolves or devolves (depending on your opinion) even further through a display of combined archangelic power that destroys Beijing entirely; the mass loss of life is catastrophic.

The scenes described in the book are so vivid that I have to give Nalini a big thumbs up for her descriptive language.

Read the book to find out who was the angelic perpetrator using a vulnerable child in their game to become an archangel and the consequence of their action?

Looking forward to the next book in this series? Me too. Follow my blog for more reviews on the Guild hunter series. I post every Friday.

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