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Today I am reviewing the book mentioned above, do check out my previous blog posts for reviews on the earlier books in the Guild Hunter series.

Archangel’s Consort

“There is a legend.” Raphael murmured, his wings flaring out as he tugged her into the curve of his body – as if he would protect her. “That mountains will shake and rivers overflow while ice creeps across the world and fields drown in rain.” He looked down at her, his eyes that impossible, inhumane chrome blue. “All this will come to pass…when an Ancient awakens.”

The chill in his tone raised every hair on her body.

This is the third book of the Guild Hunter series published in 2011.

The book begins with the return of Raphael and Elena to their home in New York. We learn that throughout history there are some ancient archangels that have gone to Sleep as it is very hard to kill an archangel and due to the longevity of their lives they need breaks from reality. Raphael’s mother is one of the ancients who might be asleep.

We learn of the madness that can creep up on the archangels and cause devastating destruction to the populace. Before Caliane’s disappearance centuries ago, she was plagued with madness and killed her archangel consort who was Raphael’s father, and Raphael tried to kill his mother because she had to be stopped due to her madness.

As the story progresses, there are power surges that influence Raphael and turn him into the person he becomes when he goes Quiet, these power surges are also disturbing the rest of the Cadre and the vampire populace in New York are turning violent from the influence. One of these incidents brings further confrontation between Elena and her father Jeffrey.

We see further scuffles between Elena and Dmitri as well as Elena’s continued fight to define her position in Raphael’s life. Illium is one of Raphael’s seven and has a very close relationship with Elena because he likes her mortal heart. We are also introduced to another member of the seven; Aodhan is an angel with brilliant sparkling beauty and the most remote among the seven due to a traumatic past. Jason is also remote but he has to be that way to a certain extent as Raphael’s spymaster.

There is a race to find Caliane before she wakes up and determine if she is still mad.

Raphael is not the only one looking for his mother, Lijuan is also searching for her. In the battle between the newly awakened archangel and Lijuan, Raphael to discovers a new power from his bond with Elena.

There are some typographical errors in the book, one of which was in the extract I corrected above.

Read the book to find out if Caliane is sane as she wakes and what is the result of her fight with Lijuan.

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