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Lets take a moment to pray for those who lost their lives due to racism.

As a woman of colour myself, I am grieved for the suffering of my people and I am glad to see people talking and supporting the movement. We have protested previously and no real change came of it, I hope that this time the movement does not stop when the outrage does has subsided. For those who want to do something for the movement but can’t make monetary contributions, you can educate yourself on what racism is, be conscious of your actions and in your everyday life speak up against any injustice you see, this will help to bring change. When it is no longer acceptable to mistreat any race of people then the world is on its way to being a better place.

Okay, on to the agenda for today, I am reviewing the book mentioned above. I have reviewed the first three books in the Guild Hunter series in my previous blogs, please check those out.

Archangel’s Blade

“Who were you before they got to you?”

It ripped at the pride Honor hadn’t thought she still had that he knew how she’d been debased and degraded, how she’d been made less than an animal, but she found her voice in a rage that had grown in brittle silence since the day she stumbled out of the pit. “I have a question of my own.”

A raised eyebrow.

“Why the fuck are the worst of them still out there walking around?”

This is the fourth book of the Guild Hunter series published in 2011.

This book deviates from the previous books in this series as it focuses on the story of Dmitri, Raphael’s second in command and a guild hunter named Honor. The story starts with a glimpse of Dmitri’s life before Isis (his maker); he was a husband and a father of two.

Honor is a guild hunter with an old soul who was captured and tortured by vampires for two months before she was rescued by her colleagues, as a result she could no longer come in close proximity with a vampire.

Honor’s interaction with Dmitri brings her kicking and screaming out of her trauma. And she hunts for her tormentors with Dmitri by her side, while Dmitri hunts for the person playing games with his painful past.

Illium confesses that he is a little bit in love with Elena but because of his devotion to Raphael and the fact that Elena is Raphael’s Consort, he knows where to draw the line. Before this confession I had been worried about how close Illium was getting to Elena and if his obvious fondness for her will lead to a rift between Raphael and Illium.

Holly Chang is the sole survival of Uram’s madness (the archangel hunted and killed in the first book) and we get to see her progress and her fight to find herself.

We get a glimpse into Raphael’s past with Dmitri when he was a younger angel before he became an archangel, their friendship has survived loss and agony. The brutality of Dmitri’s making turned him into a master of pain and dark pleasure, he struggled to keep his principles throughout his immortal existence.

The main message that I got from this book is that not all mother and son relationships are what they should be and the taint of immortality can warp the relationship even further, if it wasn’t a healthy one at the beginning.

The way Nalini further develops these characters that we met in the first book of the series and tells their story is beautifully romantic and gruesome. Usually when the main characters in a series is featured in subsequent books where they become sub-characters; we don’t get to read from their perspective so I love the fact that although this book is focused on Dmitri and Honor we still get to hear Elena and Raphael’s perspectives. It is a very good continuation of the story from the previous three books.

Read the book to find out why Honor is so similar to Dmitri’s dead wife.

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