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This is the eighth book of the Guild Hunter series published in 2015.

Nalini came back with the story of one of the most fascinating characters in the Guild hunter world. The book is about one of Raphael’s seven named Naasir who we have met previously in the series, he was instrumental in the outcome of the Archangel war between Raphael and Lijuan. In the previous book of the series Naasir announced that he would start hunting for his mate because he wanted to play ‘secret games’ like everyone around him was. On his hunt for his mate, he is partnered with an angel named Andromeda (who might have been mentioned briefly in the previous books, I can’t remember) to look for a sleeping Ancient before Lijuan’s forces locate and kill him because of a prophesy (yes, Lijuan is not dead and yes, she is still committing atrocities).

Andromeda is the granddaughter of Archangel Charisemnon also known as the Archangel of disease and plague who is an ally of Lijuan (fabulous power isn’t it? Not. And it really suits him because he is rotten inside). Andromeda has stayed away from her family for more than three hundred years because she does not agree with their life choices and she hasn’t received the care she needed but her time away from them is coming to an end as she has to go back to her grandfather’s court for mandatory five hundred years servitude. Andromeda is a warrior scholar and specialises in the knowledge of sleeping Ancients so she is a top commodity for Lijuan and Raphael. While Lijuan results to kidnap and threat to get the location of the Ancient’s resting place, Raphael appeals to her sense of justice to prevent one of the few taboos of the angelic race from happening.

Naasir’s thoughts about what he wants in his mate are like a lot of us who have preferences for our ideal partner but he is able to adapt when she doesn’t tick certain boxes. His thought that his mate should appear now that he is ready and shouldn’t be hiding from him is so funny. Andromeda smells like mate to Naasir but she has taken a vow of chastity so he can’t very if she is or not. Her condition for letting him get closer to her is for him to find the Star Grimoire which he kept calling stupid book. I found Naasir’s mind so fascinating that I often found myself anticipating when I would read his POV again and wanting most of the book to be in his POV.

The scenes of Naasir and Andromeda’s escape from Lijuan’s territory had me enthralled; they were so tense and very descriptive. I loved that Naasir’s origins was a constant wonder for most parts of the book because the possibilities of what he could be were endless and impossible in the Archangel world.

Consistent with the theme of this series, there are other character POVs that gives a broader glimpse on the rest of the guild hunter world. Raphael’s power is increasing as the Cascade continues and it influences Illium who almost loses his life to a power he is not ready for. There are so many advantages to waking Ancients for the younger angels who are ready to listen and learn when said Ancients are willing to share their knowledge.

“Something bad is coming. Worse than before.”

Enclosing her in his wings and his arms, Raphael didn’t say anything. They both knew she was right.

Eleven archangels.

A dangerous near ascension that could’ve annihilated an entire city.

Two Ancients walking the earth.

An archangel who could give a twisted form of life.

The Cascade was gathering momentum.

Beijing was already gone. New York and Elijah’s territory had barely survived. No one could predict how much of the world would be left standing when the Cascade ended.

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