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The ninth book of the Guild hunter series!!

It has been two years since the rise of Alexander and the disappearance of Lijuan. The Cadre has been called to meet by the only neutral body that have been given that power, the Luminata.

Raphael and Elena attend the meet at Lumia with the rest of the Cadre but Lumia is not the city they assume it to be and neither is the Luminata. With a city that reeks of fear of angels and the head Luminata paying disturbing attention to Elena even under the watchful eyes of Raphael, there is a lot more secrets in Lumia than there should be.

“That place seethe. That’s the right word. Seethes. There’s all this stuff below the surface and it’s something ugly.”

The focus of the story is on Raphael and Elena’s journey in unearthing the secrets of the Luminata and finding out the history of Elena’s ancestor.

A couple of exciting surprises: we see more of Aodhan although we don’t read from his POV and Elena is now an aunt that was quietly thrown in there, thank you Nalini.

I was delighted, ecstatic and enraptured by this book. Nalini keeps blowing my mind with each new story in the guild hunter series; this is my favourite series to read above the psy-changeling series.

My favourite line in the book – “Jason made me practice that,” he said in the same cool voice as earlier. “It took seventy-five years before he declared I’d be passable as a spy if I didn’t glow in the dark.”

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