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Angel’s Flight is a compilation of four novellas from the Guild hunter series.


Angel’s Pawn is a tale of flirtation and danger set in the Guild Hunter world. Ashwini and Janvier have no reason to be drawn to each other – but they are. Will the spark between them be fanned to become a flame . . . or are they both the pawns of angels?

In Angels’ Judgment Sara and Deacon are Guild Hunters; their life’s work is catching and capturing – or killing – rogue angels. They have to make life or death decisions in a moment, but when judgment comes, should love be allowed to get in the way . . . ?

In Angel’s Wolf Noel may have been promoted, but in the Guild Hunter world that’s not always as positive as it sounds. And now that he’s working with the beautiful, dangerous, seductive Nimra there are a whole host of new risks he has to contend with . . .

And in the never-before-published Angels’ Dance read the compelling story of Jessamy, a beautiful flightless angel who has always held her own in the world of angels and archangels . . . until she meets Galen, and begins to dream of flying . . .

Another five star read and all the stories were very insightful about the Guild Hunter world I have been engrossed in.

The little snippets you learn from these little outside novellas of the series are amazing like Raphael couldn’t call angelfire the first century he ascended but there was no doubt about the promise for his future power and Raphael became an archangel before Michaela, maybe it was mentioned in the series previously and I have forgotten but it is very interesting because although  am sure that Michaela is older than Raphael he ascended first and has ruled longer than her yet she seemed more established than him in the series as though she ascended first.

To see this little snippet of the Guild world that doesn’t involve Elena and Raphael is delightful, also fascinating are Ash and Janvier’s story before their main book and other really hot stories like Sara and Deacon and Noel and Nimra. As always I am in awe of Nalini’s writing. She was able to build the world and tell a great story in such short pages about Noel and Nimra, it was so good it could have been a main story in the series. I loved finding out more about the side characters and how their lives progressed off the main stage or before the main stage.

One very intriguing fact which isn’t too surprising if you paid attention to the beginning of Angel’s Kiss is that Raphael wanted to find out more about Elena because she was the best in the Guild and Hunter-born, he did not see all that would come his way by his little curiosity.

I was thoroughly impressed and delighted by this novella.

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