Life, Drama and Current Affairs – Episode 1

Hello Readers, welcome back to my blog. I hope we are all doing great.

Non-essential shops are now open in the UK but let’s please be careful and take precautions now that we can go out and enjoy ourselves. We don’t want another lockdown.


It has been 1 year since I started my blog so I decided to create this little segment where I talk about my life and what is going on in the world around us today as well as interact more with my followers.

Since I started my blog last year, I have accumulated a small group of wonderful people that have decided to follow this blog and regularly read my book reviews. I want to say a big thank you to all of you; it feels so amazing to know that someone is interested in my ramblings. So, occasionally I will do updates like this and you guys can feel free to interact and ask me questions in the comment section. I am also thinking of starting a patron where I will create exclusive contents for my subscribers in the near future, more updates on that will be on another episode of this post.

African uncles and aunties, please don’t comment on my tights showing

So, I’ll start with an introduction. My name Nkechi, nickname kech – this is a Nigerian name which means God’s gift or given by God – there are some other meanings as well depending on which Nigerian-Igbo you ask. I am a solicitor and I am currently specialising in property conveyancing which is the buying and selling of property. I am particularly interested in the conveyancing of residential properties. I am based in United Kingdom with my lovely husband and 2 year old daughter, we are expecting a second baby which is due in June this year – yay me. So I am heavily pregnant as I write this post and all I can think about doing is sleeping.

I turned the big 30 on 12 April this Monday just past but didn’t do anything special because I was at work – you know you are adulting when you have to work on your birthday, anyway I hope I can have a little rest and small celebration with my family this weekend to makeup. Aside from reading books which are my great escape from reality, I love watching Korean and Chinese dramas so I have included a segment in this post where I will talk about a recently aired drama the I have finished – I am not an expert in the culture or a drama critic so I will just be giving my personal opinion on the drama in terms of entertainment.


I finished ‘Sunshine of my life’ on Sunday 11th April.

The summary of this plot is copied from

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Blurb – Tang Ming Xuan is the workaholic general manager of the highly successful Ming Yuan Fashion Group. Married to his job, he is the consummate professional and has all but resolved to remain single so he can focus his time and effort on making sure his business endeavours go off without a hitch. But life changes forever on the day he meets Mo Fei at a design fair. She is a lively young woman with a passion for traditional embroidery and plans to hone her skills by studying in Europe. Although they adore spending time together, they refuse to consider the notion of changing their own long-set plans. So the day finally comes when Mo Fei must set off for Paris, and Tang Ming Xuan stays in China, working on his business plans. But love will not be shunted aside so easily. And when the opportunity to launch a European fashion venture comes up, the duo is set to be reunited – as business partners…and perhaps more.

The drama has 45 episodes but I think it should have been 43 or 44 because I am sure they could have wrapped up the stories of the other characters in 1 episode. It had more than a love triangle going on – it seemed more like love rectangle with branches than a love triangle but that made it more interesting. I always love watching romance dramas whether they are costume or modern dramas and if they have some political twist – all the better. What I like about Sunshine of my life is that the main characters were independent of each other and did not compromise their dreams, values or ambition because they were in love with each other.

If you love love like I do and don’t mind watching dramas while reading subtitles I would recommend this drama. It is available on YouTube and Viki app with English subtitles.

On an aside, there is a show about Chadwick Bosman coming to Netflix soon which I can’t wait to watch and tell you guys about all the highs and the lows, it would be heartbreaking to see him on the screen again knowing he is gone but I wouldn’t miss it unless I am in labour – which might be likely depending on when the show airs. For those who do not know, Chadwick Bosman was an American actor and playwright who died last year after a 4 year battle with cancer. He is best known for his role as T’Challa/Black panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for me his lead role as Jacob King in Message from the King was the first time I noticed what an amazing actor he was. I can’t wait to watch the show about him when it airs and I will prepare my box of tissue in advance.

Current Affairs

I don’t want this segment to become like a newspaper but I wanted to just highlight some things that came to my attention while this post was being drafted. On the 9th April, 3 different people from different works of life who were publicly known lost their lives, rest in peace. They are Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh who is the husband of Queen Elizabeth the second – monarch of the United Kingdom – I am sure I am not saying the full official titles because I have missed out the royal majesty/highness that goes with their names. Also the rapper named DMX passed away; he was the first artist to debut an album at No.1 five times in a row on the Billboard200 charts. Nicola Rachele-Beth Grahame also passed away; fans of the show Big Brother will know who this lady is as she was a contestant on the seventh series of the UK version of the show. Condolences to the family and friends of every one out there who has lost a loved one this week.

On lighter notes, congratulations to Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song on the birth of their baby. How old were you when you watched Home and Away? Please tell me in the comment section. If you are reading this and you did not know what I am talking about I recommend you go and watch Home and Away, you will laugh until you get stitches.

If you have made it this far down in my post and are not completely bored, thank you and congratulations. If you enjoyed this post and would like to buy me a cup of coffee, this is the link to my ko-fi account –

See you in my next life update.

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