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This is my first time reading and reviewing an Advanced Reader’s Copy – ARC. I was so excited to receive this advanced copy. I joined Netgalley recently which gave me this opportunity. I was careful about which book I would pick because I didn’t want to read and review something that I wasn’t sure I would enjoy or be able to promote, just like the books I would purchase to read.

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I was only thirteen when I knew I loved him. Sixteen when I got the courage to tell him how I felt about him. Eighteen when I accepted the fact that I would never be what he wants. At twenty-four, I had to stop lying to myself. While I might consider Percy Boseman as the ultimate man of my dreams, he didn’t feel the same way about me. To him I’ll always be, Just Chelle.

In the last six years since we’ve seen each other, a lot has changed. I wasn’t the little girl across the street anymore. Well, thanks to a meddling mama, he was back in my life. I was grown and he was sexy as ever. There wasn’t a chance in hell that I was letting this opportunity pass me by.

Not even when my past caught up with me, by the way of Mr Orian Royal. He may be Percy’s best friend, but he wasn’t anything like him. Now here I am. Trying to find a way to keep my secrets safe, my family intact, and Percy in my life, when Royal was threatening to tear it all apart.

Publication date: 7th July 2021

Rating: 4/5 stars

Pages: 368

Source: Netgalley

Category: Contemporary, Romance, Adult, sexual content

Tichelle Mills has been in love with the same boy that lives across the street since she was 13 but he never noticed her despite all her efforts. Now that she is older, circumstances brings her childhood crush into her life again and this time Tichelle is determined to have the love she missed in her childhood but will the fates align the way Tichelle wants it to?

I was so pleased to read this book because the male and female protagonists are both black. It was just so refreshing to read about both of them. The way the story was written as well, felt very comfortable, like I was speaking to one of my girls and listening to her life story. I haven’t read a story like this, which spoke so much to me as an individual before.

I gave this story a 4 star because I loved the story and the writing style. Everything about this story spoke to me. I love the character Tichelle so much, she was classy but she didn’t take nonsense from anybody either, she was also confident about herself and her abilities. She knew what she needed to do to get the things she wanted and wasn’t afraid to put in the work to get them.

Percy’s silent communication was frustrating at times, especially since we couldn’t read his point of view so we had to guess from Tichelle’s POV why he was silent at certain situations. I would have loved it if some chapters were from Percy’s POV but not having that would not hinder anyone’s enjoyment or understanding of the story.

It was a wonderful experience to read this story and I would love to reread it several more times when it is published. This is a good book to look out for this summer.

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