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This is another Voracious Readers Only link up. I started reading this book a few days before my due date and because it was so short, I hoped to finish it before my baby’s arrival. Alas, that was not to be but I still ended up finishing it a few days after delivery.


How long would you wait for a second chance at love?

It has been two years since Katie, a Supreme Court lawyer with a past she folds around herself like blinders, met Jordan, a gorgeous, whiskey wielding god of a man. His wit was quick, and his smile sent tingles down her spine, not to mention the dimple he saved for her alone.

He works at the Round Robin bar of Willard Hotel where Katie stayed during sessions at Court where she flirted, safely and always at a distance because if Katie had one rule, it was no romantic relationships. It would hurt too much to risk the protective walls around her heart, that hid her painful secrets.

Until this weekend . . .

Katie is in town waiting for the release of the vital LGBTQ+ Fullerton Case she’d spent the last six months defending. While she waits for Monday’s opinion to be released, Jordan asks her out. Finally, after two years of whiskey smiles and stranger’s in the night, Jordan finds the key to breaking down the wall. The key to her heart dangles in his fingers.

Will she be brave enough to love again?

Rating: 3/5 stars

Pages: 148

Category: Contemporary, Romance, Adult fiction

Trigger: Earthquake disaster

Katie is a successful lawyer, who has locked her heart behind a steel wall after suffering the tragic loss of her family. When she meets Jordan at the bar, during her down time between cases, she doesn’t mind flirting shamelessly but will take things no further than a flirtation. They continue this harmless flirtation for 2 years. On one of her visits to town waiting for a decision on a huge case, she decides to accept going out once with Jordan. But would once be enough for her and Jordan?

Both Jordan and Katie have suffered personally from the same event but neither of them is aware of the connection initially. Jordan is working through his trauma and being with Katie is the key for him while Katie has pulled away from personal relationships that will leave her open to hurt. She hasn’t dealt with the trauma she suffered years ago. It takes saying yes to Jordan once to get her out of her shell and facing her trauma.

I loved seeing the different ways Katie and Jordan dealt with their pain and how they helped each other work through the pain, simply by being together. The pain they both felt from the same event was very real and genuine despite the difference. I loved the time Jordan took to work through his pain, whilst with Katie I couldn’t understand her. She had the more traumatising experience of losing all her family in one day. She had been pushing off thinking or talking about that day with anyone, yet one weekend talking to Jordan and she could release the hurt?

I liked that the story was very short but filled with meaningful information for the reader to get to know the characters quickly and the plot of the story was interesting. Although I am not a fan of how the trauma was dealt with in the story, especially Katie’s trauma, it was still a good story; hence, I gave this story 3 out of 5 stars. I would recommend the story to contemporary romance lovers who want a fast, quick fix.

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