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This is another Voracious Readers Only link up. I’ve been requesting so much of the books they sent me that I might need to slow down and manage myself. They just send so many great books that it’s hard to keep myself contained.


Leah Fitzpatrick and Harrison J. Bentley want the same thing – to be the next CEO of the newly merged company Bentley Fitzpatrick Enterprises.

The last time they saw each other was ten years previously when Harrison gate-crashed Leah’s eighteenth birthday party. A night Leah will never forget. The families have always been bitter rivals, but now they must work together for the future of their new company. As Leah gets to know Harrison better, her mistrust and animosity turns to liking and respect. Until Monique Devereux, Harrison’s old lover, appears back in his life.

Harrison has always thought of Leah as “Daddy’s little Princess”, enjoying an easy ride in the company by virtue of her position as daughter to the present CEO. He swiftly revises his opinion of her when he realises how competent she is.

No matter what their feelings are for each other, they are still rivals. Who will win? And how much of a threat does Monique Devereux pose to Leah’s future plans?

Rating: 4/5 stars

Pages: 159

Category: Contemporary, Romance, Adult fiction

Leah and Harrison have known about each other most of their lives because their fathers are bitter business rivals. Despite this, Leah has always been in love with Harrison. On her eighteenth birthday, she offers herself to him but doesn’t get the result she wanted. 10 years later, their fathers have merged their companies. Harrison and Leah are expected to work together; meanwhile they both want to be the CEO of the newly merged company after their fathers’ retirement. What will become of this power struggle? Will Leah be able to work with Harrison after what happened 10 years ago between them?

This is one of those short novels that are fast paced and everything comes together quickly. I love them if an author is able to give the story substance within these few pages which Jax Burrows does well. The fact that the story doesn’t start from the genesis of the characters’ relationship also helps, because their beginning is already established and we as readers are just picking up from the middle of their story.

Leah fights hard to remain professional in her dealings with Harrison but he has a different idea of where he wants to take his relationship with Leah. It was so interesting to see how Harrison convinces Leah after the incident 10 years ago when he rejected her.

I always love it when I can read both the male and female protagonists’ POV; it gives a bigger view of the story. I gave the story 4 out of 5 stars because I thought that the author did a very good job of putting the story together in so few pages, it helps that the characters already have an established relationship and are familiar with each other. If you love the enemies to lovers troupe, you will love this story.

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