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I chose this book from Voracious Readers Only because of the title; I wanted to find out more about the story. Have you ever dreamed of being a superhero? If so, what ability would you like? If I were to choose, I would choose healing because physical pain is a bitch and I don’t enjoy her visits.


Love comes with superpower consequences.

Hana is your average 20-something nurse—except for one small detail: she is responsible for the care of the world’s best kept secret: superheroes—who are known as Paladins. Hana has one very simple rule when it comes to her love life: she doesn’t date superheroes! She’s been there, done that—never again.

Her life gets turned upside down when Bashir, a stunningly good-looking Paladin, shows up at her house and says his life is in danger.

Hana agrees to help him, but in doing so is brought into the web of peril that follows him.

Bashir isn’t like other Paladins. He’s charming, caring, and makes her feel protected.

On top of running for her life, Hana begins to see that she might have one problem: she may be developing feelings for the type of guy she swore she would never date.

Rating: 3/5 stars

Pages: 112

Trigger: None

Category: Contemporary, Romance, Adult fiction, Paranormal

Hana is a nurse working with superheroes called Paladins. She helps with their injuries and rehabilitation but she has made a rule not to date them because they all have a type of personality that she does not want to deal with; until she meets Bashir, who is different from the rest of the Paladins. They get stuck in a dangerous situation because someone is hunting Bashir for his abilities.

Bashir is a very trusting character and he was betrayed by several people but didn’t let that make him bitter. He was the character that didn’t need much explanation or building, the same as Hana and Riko, although in Riko’s case we might need to find out more about her past. We see brief glimpses of other characters but not enough to really get to know them, which is the essence of a short story. The world building was adequate enough to understand the story and where it was leading.

I gave the story 3 out of 5 stars because the story was short but well developed for the little segment of the characters’ lives that the story focuses on. It is like a brief outline of a broader story which was skilfully done by the author.

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