Rating: 3/5 stars

Category: romance, contemporary, action

Source: Voracious readers only

Trigger: Child neglect

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I haven’t read something from Voracious Readers Only in few months so I was glad to finally be able to pick this up. I hope we all had a lovely Thanksgiving and bought some lovely things on black Friday. I spent so much money that I don’t even want to think about it, although most of what I bought was for my kids.


Sahara Mills was the first black ballerina to lead the Manhattan Repertoire—until her life was upended by a billionaire mob boss determined to make her his private dancer. On the run from that disastrous relationship, the last thing Sahara needs is another billionaire bad boy… but Fate has other plans. When an anonymous fling with a quirky stranger turns into something more, Sahara is shattered to learn that her mystery man is none other than Hugh Lindsay the eccentric tech billionaire—a man, even richer and more powerful than the last one.

Can Hugh convince her to look past all that money and love him for himself, or will Sahara’s fears about the power of billions keep her from the joys of performing for an audience of one?


Sahara and her son are living life in the shadow and despite prompting from her roommate; Sahara is very cautious and has no relationship with men. She bumps into a stranger one day and decides to take her friend’s advice because she has explosive chemistry with the stranger; they don’t exchange names or number but agree to meet for an anonymous affair that will be fleeting. Neither of them bargained for the intensity of their connection. Sahara’s stranger turns out to be tech billionaire Huge Lindsay and her affair with him exposes her to social media and people are curious about her. This is not good for Sahara because she is in hiding under witness protection. She was with a mob boss in her previous life and she testified against him and put him in jail. He is out now and because of Sahara’s unintended public affair, he knows where to find her. But there is something else going on.

Sahara and Hugh are both very stubborn in their characters, with their back stories having trauma and hurt that they have to overcome to enable them be with each other. It feels like a second chance romance but neither of the characters has loved anyone seriously in the past. Sahara’s son is an MVP for me, although his character wasn’t really explored much in the story but what we do get to see of him is a child that could easily be a loveable character.

I gave this 3 out of 5 stars because although I loved the writing style, I felt that the story was too short and quick but the author did a very good job of packing so much into the plot and progressing it in a meaningful way in so little time. The romance is very fast and explosive and there is no lull in the story. I wanted more which would have probably given the story an extra star because I would have had more time with the characters which is what I wanted.

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