Rating: 5/5 stars

Category: romance, contemporary

Pages: 280

Source: Voracious readers only

Trigger: none

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Noah Donahue
He’s the starting center for the Devington University Devils hockey team.
He’s also the center of the universe for almost every female student here.
I’d be happy if our orbits never intersected.
Unfortunately, he’s the best friend of my boyfriend.
The boyfriend who decided we needed to “take a break” this past summer before senior year.
But one thing I do have in common with Noah is that I play to win, and I’m not giving up just like that.
When Noah is the one to suggest a fake relationship to remind my ex what he’s missing, I’m game.
I have no idea what Noah’s aims are, but if it means returning to the status quo I once knew, I’ll do what I have to.
But you know what they say about making a deal with the devil…

Now, it’s not my soul I’m worried about losing, it’s everything I thought I ever wanted.


Grace is a straight laced girl who has been in a relationship with a hockey player named Matt for 3 years but he suddenly decides that he wants to take a break from their relationship. Grace is not willing to give up on her relationship so she stages herself in a compromising position hoping to stimulate her relationship, but it does not go as planned. She is discovered by Matt’s best friend, Noah whom she does not like.

Noah is pleasantly surprised by what he discovers when he goes to retrieve Matt’s wallet for him. He has always liked Grace but she chose to be with his friend so he had to back off and watch her from a distance. Now that their relationship is over, Noah wastes no time in swooping in but how will he get Grace to go out with him when she doesn’t like him. He offers to fake date her to make Matt jealous but that is not his true motive, will he get his end result?

The minute I started the story, I knew I wouldn’t stop until I was done and I didn’t. There was an established history between the characters which makes filing in the back story throughout the plot much easier and enjoyable. I loved how the author introduces the characters and their back stories. When the story is short, it helps to have an established back story of how the characters tie into each other. And the revelation of events that happen off script was awesome. I Loved the writing style, as well as the length of the chapters. I always love more than one POV in a plot so I really enjoyed Grace and Noah’s POV.

I gave 5 out of 5 stars because of the feeling the story invoked. It has been months since I read a story that I was invested in so much, I couldn’t put it down until I got to the end. Noah was such a gentle man and the class shock Grace and Noah get from each other was just amazing. Thoroughly loved this and would recommend it for a quick sweet romantic fix.

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