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This is the fourth book in the Mortal instruments series. Reading the shadow hunter series by time line is another way to get into the series but I am reading it in the order recommended by the author.


The Mortal War is over, and Clary Fray is home in New York, excited about all the possibilities before her. She’s training to become a Shadowhunter and – most importantly of all – she can finally call Jace her boyfriend. But her happiness has come at a price . . .

Rating: 4/5 stars

Pages: 439

Category: YA, Fantasy, Romance, Action

Publisher: Walker Books

Trigger: Brutalised babies

Valentine is dead, the shadowhunters and the downworlders have a new accords with the downworlders having council seats. Only Clary and Jace know that Valentine killed Jace and was resurrected by the Angel. Lucien and Jocelyn are planning their wedding, Simon is getting to grips with the Mark of Cain and all seems right with everyone’s world, or is it?

Jace is suffering from nightmares that make him scarred of being around Clary because of the nature of his dreams. He has to go to the silent brothers to find out what is going on. Meanwhile, Simon is finding his place in the supernatural world; eternity is not all it is cracked up to be. Who is chasing Simon? Who is tormenting Jace? Who is trying to create a new Jonathan?

I always love how the scenes in the Mortal instrument series are staged like they could be playing out on screen and you see how different scenes progress at the same time. I just loved the way the story flows and every scene is pivotal to the plot of the story; I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

I gave the story 4 out of 5 stars. We are now familiar with the characters of the Mortal instrument series but the way the story comes along for the progression of the plot is very well done I fell in love with the shadowhunters when I watched the screen adaptations, so I decided to read the books. I am delighted to say that the books haven’t disappointed me so far.

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