Rating: 2/5 stars

Category: romance, contemporary, adult, erotic

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Trigger: Parental neglect, violence, murder

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“I want you to hurt me.”
“Where do you want me to hurt you, Princess?”
“Here.” I placed his large, calloused hands on my chest. Lowering them to where I wanted him the most.


I met him, the handsome, wicked stranger, when I sneaked out of the Golden Palace on my nineteenth birthday.

He crooned filthy, dirty words in my ears. Claiming me as His Princess when I spent a night with him.

What I did not plan was to meet that handsome, rugged stranger, Hayden Knight, at a wedding two years after he disappeared that morning with a promise that he broke.

Now he wants me. More than a night, not knowing that I am a Royal Princess. I have no choice but to forget the events of that night and move on because being a Princess of Azmia comes at a cost.

I have to forget him, even if my body craves his firm hold. His sapphire blue eyes curling with delicious desire that made me want to crawl on my knees and sin for him.

All I know is that I won’t be able to refuse him, especially his cruel mouth, despite the consequences.


I met her, the innocent doe-eyed vixen, when I first visited Azmia. I was intrigued by someone as sweet as her, begging me to hurt her in the most delicious ways possible.

Her soft moans were music to my ears when I marked her soft skin that night. The stunning little rebel who made me want to kneel and worship her between her legs.

What I did not expect was to see her in a short dress, even shorter hair and a bigger smile after two years of endless search, looking enchanting as ever.

I crave to hold her in my arms, lay down anything and everything for her.

This time, I will have her. For more than a night.

After all, she is a Princess to my Knight.


This is book 3 of the Alluring rulers of Azmia series. Zara is the only princess of Azmia, a rich country in the Middle East. She has 2 over protective brothers due to a terrible event in her childhood. On her 19th birthday, she sneaks out of the palace and has a hot steamy night with US Naval Officer Hayden. After the night, he was supposed to call her but didn’t because of some misunderstandings and unfortunate events. They meet 2 years later and the sexual tension between them is still as explosive as it was 2 years ago.

Hayden is a US Naval Officer visiting Azmia, when he met Zara but he didn’t know who she was. In the 2 years they have been apart, he has served his country admirably but he now suffers from PTSD. He meets Zara by chance again and he is determined to keep her in his life by using their attraction as his gateway.

I gave 2 out of 5 stars because there were a lot of errors in the book and sometimes there were discrepancies in details. For example, Hayden asked Zara how many piercings she has and she says 10, in his next dialogue line he says she has 9 piercings but when he counts the places where she is pierced, it only comes up to 8. The story has a good plot but I think it needed more thorough development and attention to detail. Zara’s reasoning for everything is that she is a princess even when she goes into the world to develop herself she still comes back to the same thing and not because of the responsibility of the position but just the position itself which doesn’t make sense. She is unrealistically over dramatic sometimes about the position, for example Hayden has not threatened her but she suddenly thinks that he will kill her if he finds out she is a princess which is ridiculous because there has been no instance when Hayden has expressed any prejudice for her country even though he is a US Naval Officer and there is no tension between US and Azmia in the plot. Zara is a character that gave me headache coz she made me roll my eyes in exasperation too much, mainly because the author didn’t develop her thought process in a realistically understandable way.

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