Rating: 3/5 stars

Category: romance, contemporary, paranormal

Source: Voracious readers only

Trigger: Death by overdose

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I am the prisoner of a rich, handsome demon. I should be plotting my escape, but it seems my heart has other plans…

I quit college for a year to work as a mechanic in my grandfather’s garage. I never counted on a billionaire’s car getting stolen there. Now ‘Zeke’ Zabresky is holding me hostage until his precious car is found. He’s an angry, violent, mob boss; with gray eyes that sparkle like diamonds and rock-hard abs that invade my dreams. I will resist and escape if it is the last thing I do! But do I really want to….


I was born into the mob and recruited by Lucifer to guard the gates of hell. I take what I want whenever I want. And what I want right now is Alana Hernandez, in my bed and submitting to my will. She thinks she can escape me, but no one gets away from Ezekiel Zabresky. I will bend her to my will and make her mine.


Alana is back from university to help her grandfather in his garage because he is frail of health. She loves cars and her dream is to build one. She is ecstatic when a vintage Ashton Martin comes into the shop for servicing but to her horror, the car is stolen from the garage and the owner is not to be trifled with because according to rumours he is part of the mob and a demon.

Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ is a demon and a mob boss who is used to violence and obedience in his world. When his Ashton Martin gets stolen, it is not just about the theft but about his reputation. He will find the thief and deal with them accordingly but he needs to hold someone responsible in the mean time so he takes Alana’s grandfather but she offers to take his place due to his health; which plays into Zeke’s hands. Zeke is very attracted to Alana and he means to make her his but can Alana handle the darker side of life that Zeke brings with him?

I gave 3 out of 5 stars because it was a nice story but it didn’t move me either way. I liked the plot and although there were some errors, it was well developed. It was very fast paced. I wish the chapters in Zeke’s POV were longer and more developed. It seemed like the author just wrote short chapters to have another POV but it was well done in giving a different view of the developing events. It has enemies to lovers troupe but because of how quickly the romance developed I didn’t connect with the character. It reminds me a little of Beauty and the Beast.

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