Publisher: Harper Collins

Rating: 5/5 stars

Pages: 547

Category: YA, romance, fantasy, adventure

Trigger: self-harm, fantasy violence, emotional and physical abuse, anxiety, panic attack, grooming, suicidal ideation

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Karina lost everything after a violent coup left her without her kingdom or her throne. Now the most wanted person in Sonande, her only hope of reclaiming what is rightfully hers lies in a divine power hidden in the long-lost city of her ancestors.

Meanwhile, the resurrection of Karina’s sister has spiraled the world into chaos, with disaster after disaster threatening the hard-won peace Malik has found as Farid’s apprentice. When they discover that Karina herself is the key to restoring balance, Malik must use his magic to lure her back to their side. But how do you regain the trust of someone you once tried to kill?

As the fabric holding Sonande together begins to tear, Malik and Karina once again find themselves torn between their duties and their desires. And when the fate of everything hangs on a single, horrifying choice, they each must decide what they value most—a power that could transform the world, or a love that could transform their lives.


It has been 5 days since solstasia ended with an unusual bang and life must go on.  The people have to welcome a new water era without the water champion Adetunde. The resurrected Princess Hanane is walking the halls of the palace as though she never left and Farid is conducting business with the council as though he is the new King. Malik is still using his mental powers to cage Idir in his body but it is taking a toll on him. Karina is still on the run and looking for how she will obtain her throne back.

I was not even 100 pages in and I got very angry. Why does Malik trust Farid’s words? Why is Malik being beaten up by sentinels that have more fighting experience than him – to prove he can control his magic and Idir at the same time? – Nonsense. Malik was definitely groomed and he makes a lot of bad decisions partly because of his low self-esteem, while Karina is very confident and it causes her to make some bad decisions because she has a hero complex.

Karina can’t help herself. She hasn’t finished saving herself but she wants to save others and she is always comparing herself to her ancestor and her mother, she keeps making the wrong decisions for her current circumstance at first. Although, because of the person she is innately, I suppose it is very difficult to walk away from injustice even though that would be the easier option.

It was so difficult to read the torture that Malik endured and how it shaped his decisions. I couldn’t even blame him for not being strong because of the pain that he dealt with which makes the reader wonder if they could have done any better were they in his position. Oh, I loved how it ended. Usually I love a clear happy/sad ending stated out but I just love the way the author wrote the griot telling a story of maybe at the end for Malik and Karina and how it was so conversationally written – just awesome.

I gave 5 out of 5 stars. I love the trials and tribulations, the self- discovery and the intimate glimpse into a mind at war with itself, the carnage, the mistakes and apologies, the writing style, the griot’s tale, the beautiful maybe end for Karina and Malik – divine.

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