Rating: 1/5 stars

Category: romance, contemporary, action

Source: Voracious readers only

Trigger: Physical and emotional abuse, sexual harassment, torture, violence, murder

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As the coveted Russian mafia princess, I have lived my entire life locked away.
I have felt pain and cruelty at my own father’s hand.

Now I will marry the Italian Mafia’s Capo, Alessio to unite our two families.

From the very first night he showed me brutality I should be used to by now.

I’m haunted by the past and now the present.

If he thinks I will break so easily, he’s mistaken.
I have lived among monsters my entire life.

I will survive.


Anna has been abused by her father physically and emotionally most of her life. He wants her obedience and complete submission to his quest for power and will use her as a stepping stone to get wherever he wants including marrying her off to the Italian mob boss for advancement. Anna can’t find any escape so she marries and tries to be a wife that won’t make her husband hurt her like her father did. Alessio has lost one wife already and wants a mother for his 3 year old daughter but can he trust Anna to be the mother that his child deserves or should he be wary of her because of the family she comes from?

Oh my goodness, 1 out of 5 stars (sad face). I was so disappointed with this book right from the first chapter. Poor use of English, missing words in sentences, tautology, please what else? The plot didn’t flow at all. Although I liked that there were an equal amount of chapters in Alessio’s POV as in Anna’s POV, there wasn’t cohesiveness to the story and the events. There are just no words for me and I don’t want to take the review further when I feel like I read a draft book not a published one. Bye Ruthless King, you were ruthless to me.

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