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University of Gatica: The Complete Series by Lexy Timms

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Book 1
Aspiring college athlete Aileen Nessa is finding the recruiting process beyond daunting.
Tyler Jensen is UofG’s NCAA champion in the hurdles and Jim Thorpe recipient for top defensive back in football. His incredible ocean blue eyes and confident smile make Aileen stutter and forget why she is visiting UofG. His offer to take her under his wing, should she choose to come to Gatica, is a temping proposition that has her wondering if she might be making a deal with an angel or the devil himself.

Book 2

Aileen Nessa surprised the track and field world by signing with a small D1 NCAA school. Talented on the track and in the classroom, she is headed to UofG.
Tyler Jensen, the boy she desperately wants to catch the attention of, seems to have forgotten all about what happened on her recruiting trip last February. Devastated, she throws her frustration into the only thing she knows – track.

Will pushing everything to the limit create the fulfillment she desperately wants or will everything come crashing down before she reaches the first hurdle?

Book 3

High Jumper Jani Felix is on a full ride at the University of Gatica. She’s determined to make NCAAs. What she’s trying not to do, is focus on one of the varsity team’s top swimmers, Carter Daily.

When Jani’s grades begin slipping she keeps it quiet, afraid to ask for help. When her performance results start dropping, she can’t hide from it anymore. She has to make the decision if she’s going to sink or swim.

Book 4

When multi-eventer Chrissy is injured, she has to sit out a season of track in order to regain her strength. Focussing on getting stronger, she begins working out in the weight room and meets injured hockey star, Ryan Phillips.

Will both of them recover physically and will their attraction to each other help fix the confidence mentally broken down inside of them?

Book 5

Tyler Jensen, has it all—good looks, charm, athletic talent, the swag and attitude that makes him the big man on campus with a multi-million dollar NFL contract on the horizon.

Not one to give up on a challenge, Tyler pushes his limits as the pressures mount to continue being a star athlete in two sports, the high expectations of the school and attention he’s getting from around the country, the media and trying to win Aileen over.

Aileen Nessa wants to fall for the boy with amber-green-gray eyes. Her body responds to his touch and she knows she can get lost in those beautiful eyes when he gazes at her. However, can he compete with her first love—track and field?

Book 6

Turns out forever didn’t last as long as Aileen thought it would. While she’s busy picking up the pieces of her broken heart, she throws her focus back into the one thing that has always been constant – track.

Tyler’s eligibility for NCAA track is over. He’s now focussed on professional football. He opts to finish the rest of his courses online and move to Foxborough, Mass and being his preseason training. He’s running away and he knows it. However, running’s better than being forced to see Aileen and knowing he’d begged her to come with him and she turned him down. It hurts too much.


There are 6 books in the series about Tyler and Aileen. The first book follows their first meeting. Tyler is a successful athlete in University, with a lot of accolades and fans while Aileen is coming from a small time high school and hoping to progress in track racing, she already has the world junior title under her belt which unknowingly has Tyler’s attention. Aileen meets Tyler officially when she was on a recruitment trip to Gatica University and they hit things off.

The individual books are so short that I am glad I got to hear the entire series at once on audible. I loved the sports theme and the fact that the girls are just as focused on achieving the highest goals they can like the boys. The series follows the love life of Aileen and her friends; 3 different girls specialising in 3 areas of sports with different personality and focus.

I gave 3 out of 5 stars because if I didn’t listen to all 22 hours plus of the entire series on audio, I would have been bored out of my mind. The story was well written and the plot was well developed with no unnecessary diversions but it just wasn’t pulling me in. If you love new adult erotic sports romance then you will love this series.

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