Publication date: 5 July 2022

Rating: 5/5 stars

Category: Romance, Adult, Contemporary

Pages: 281

Publisher: Montlake

Source: Netgalley

Trigger: None

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I’m Denver’s unmatchmaker. Every city needs one.

Why? Because people break up—and sometimes they should. But when I learn that entertainment attorney Cyrus Hart is someone else’s mistake, I can’t believe it. He’s smart, successful, and sexy as hell.

When a chance encounter with Cyrus turns into something more, I can’t help but fall for him. Our chemistry is undeniable. But his ex used my company to send him that letter—and that’s a problem. Especially since he doesn’t know I own the company.

How can this possibly work? I know from experience that the riskiest ventures are the worthiest ones…but falling for Cyrus Hart may be my biggest gamble yet.


I’m a man with a plan—college, law school, a great career. So far, so good.

Until a stranger shows up on my doorstep and reads me a breakup letter from my girlfriend. My carefully laid plans unravel.

But then I meet someone new. It’s spontaneous. It’s electric. And it’s not according to plan.


Zora Nelson and her siblings run a company that specialises in helping people have a smooth break-up because of the experience they had during their childhood of their parents’ constant fighting. Their company has been doing so well that Zora doesn’t have to get involved with the actual breaking-up but due to staff shortage, she has to step in. A client hires Zora’s firm to break-up with her gorgeous boyfriend because she has found someone else to give her attention and Zora attends Cyrus’ house to do her duty. She finds him very attractive and has a number of running lustful ideas about him but he is her client’s ex and she has to be professional.

Cyrus lost his parents at a young age and has been fending for himself since. He sets himself goals which he is on track to meet until Zora shows up on his door step to break-up with him on behalf of his girlfriend. Now all his plans to get partner in his firm is at risk but he is very attracted to Zora as well which he can’t decided if he needs her more for work or himself. He decided that she will not escape his grasp.

I have come to expect binge worthy content from Ms Simone and this book was no different. I couldn’t put it down. I had to finish and finish I did. I loved every second of the book, the prose, the conversation, just everything. Zora’s sister, Mariam is the MVP for me, she was snarky and funny. I gave 5 out of 5 stars because I loved the story and the fact that it was only the main character that was hung up on their different race, even Val who was a capital B because she was rich and upper-class not because of race. Thoroughly enjoyed. Ms Simone is fast becoming my favourite contemporary romance author.

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