Rating: 3/5 stars

Category: Adult, contemporary, thriller, romance, action

Source: Voracious Readers Only

Publisher: Bluewave press ltd

Pages: 335

Trigger: Murder

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I received this book last year and due to child birth and other life things, it took me so long to read and review this book. I sincerely apologise to the author and voraciousreadersonly. It’s more than a little late but here is my review.

Cross Current by Leah Murray

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Army sniper Noah Myers wants a second chance at love…

Noah Myers has never been one to play by the rules. He works hard and plays hard and can generally talk himself out of trouble. He met and married the woman of his dreams, and when his son was born he thought his life was damn near perfect. But then things began to unravel, and one night it all went horribly wrong…

Detective Sergeant Amy Wendell is over it. She’s been battling to hold down her job on the St. Breaca murder investigation team while bringing up a toddler alone because her crazy ass husband got himself locked in military prison for two years. She hasn’t seen him since and for all intents and purposes their marriage is over…

But then Amy is called out to a murder scene one morning and what was a bad situation becomes something much, much worse. Noah is released early on a black ops mission to take out the serial killer responsible for the crime.

The problem? Amy’s brother is the prime suspect..


Amy has been raising her 4-year-old son and working on her own for the past 15 months. She is a detective with a new case that involves her missing brother who is now a suspect in 2 murder cases. Amy’s husband, Noah has been released early from military prison to keep his family safe and catch the serial killer but there are a lot of moving pieces that will affect the success of the case. Noah has taken his family to a little village to hide away from the press but all is not what it seems in this village. One of the mysteries is that this village is the place Amy’s brother resided a year before he went missing.

Noah is caught up in a convoluted mystery that involves his grandfather and brother-in-law. He wants his wife’s trust but because of all the secrets he is keeping because of the investigation of her brother is classified and as the assigned contact investigator for the case, he is pitted against his wife. While trying to repair his strained relationship with his wife and son, he has to investigate his brother-in-law and keep his family safe from the mystery surrounding all the characters, including their immediate family members. Everyone has secrets that could be deadly, but who can uncover those secrets fast to save Tim’s life before he becomes the scapegoat of the serial killer?

I gave it 3 out of 5 stars. It was well written. The tension and plot progression were excellent. I didn’t see the villain until towards the end of the book, am not sure if that is because I have little experience with mystery or that it was well written by the author. I would like to think it was a little of both. I felt sorry for Katherine, losing both her son and her husband was very difficult and she seemed like the kind of person that needed taking care of. I started this book in April and I kept putting it down to finish other stories because it took a while for me to be pulled into the plot but am glad I  persevered, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience to venture into the mystery genre.

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