Book Review: DESCENDANTS OF THE FIRST by RENI K. AMAYO narrated by Weruche Opia

Rating: 5/5 stars

Category: YA, Adventure, fantasy, action, romance

Source: Audible

Trigger: None

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Descendants of the First by Reni K. Amayo

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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The king is dead – and with him, the last thread holding the kingdom together.

Deep cracks are forming throughout the kingdom of Nri with whispers of deadly successors lurking beneath the shadows. Despite having the same face, it seems the deepest crack is forming between Naala and Sinai, the reunited twin goddesses, who must put their differences aside as they travel through a broken Nri.

Unbeknownst to the girls, their use of the mystical Ṇdu crystal has awakened mythical beasts and the lost gods, each returning to Nri one by one. One thing is clear, the twins will have to face enemies at every corner of the kingdom… one of whom lies hidden amongst those they hold dearest.

As ongoing turmoil spreads throughout the kingdom, the daughters of Nri must unmask the true face of their enemy, as they discover that their unique blood has marked them with magic strong enough to restore true peace to the world – a task only they can complete.

But with beasts lurking far and wide, will they be able to do so before the kingdom succumbs to its looming curse?


Naala and Sinai have defeated the Eze of Nri. They have escaped the Palace and are on their way to look for Naala’s friends. They encounter a girl that was kidnapped and returned her to her village where they learn that a lot of people in Nri have been defying the Eze’s rule to kill twins at birth. Although the girls don’t want to admit that they are twins or question the circumstances of their birth, everyone they encounter is startled by their identical features. Sinai encounters a prophetic Mami water that tells her that the journey has just begun. They have started a journey by activating the first crystal of the mother’s heart and there are more to activate which will release a great evil into the world.

The secret society that has been helping them device means to kill the Eze has taken their friends. Naala and Sinai have come to their land, which is powered by strange and powerful magic. The girls do not know who to trust or how to get the information they need to make decisions on what to do with the crystals. The girls have a vested interest in their friends but these friends are also their weakness, they can be harmed and used to control the girls. Who can they trust? Who is telling them the truth and who is manipulating them? What will happen to the Kingdom if the girls make the wrong decision?

I gave it 5 out of 5 stars. The connection with the story was deeper than in the first book. I felt very connected to the characters immediately as they had already been formed in the first book. The location and the characters were already familiar, so it took no time at all to sink into the story. I loved the writing and as before I loved the integration of my culture and language into every part of the story in simple ways, for example, calling plates efere. I look forward to the third book in this series. I hope it comes out this year, although I haven’t seen any announcements for it yet. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves fantasy books about sisterhood, friendship, and love with multifaceted characters.

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