Publication date: 30 September 2022

Rating: 5/5 stars

Category: YA, fantasy, romance, adventure

Pages: 482

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Source: Netgalley

Trigger: None

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The Dragon’s Promise by Elizabeth Lim

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Princess Shiori made a deathbed promise to return the dragon’s pearl to its rightful owner, but keeping that promise is more dangerous than she ever imagined.

She must journey to the kingdom of dragons, navigate political intrigue among humans and dragons alike, fend off thieves who covet the pearl for themselves and will go to any lengths to get it, all while cultivating the appearance of a perfect princess to dissuade those who would see her burned at the stake for the magic that runs in her blood.

The pearl itself is no ordinary cargo; it thrums with malevolent power, jumping to Shiori’s aid one minute, and betraying her the next—threatening to shatter her family and sever the thread of fate that binds her to her true love, Takkan. It will take every ounce of strength Shiori can muster to defend the life and the love she’s fought so hard to win.


Shiori’s step-mother is dead and Shiori has gone to the dragon realm to look for the owner of the dragon heart her step-mother used as she promised her step-mother she would before she died. She has left her brothers behind, as well as her betrothed to fulfil her promise to her stepmother. The dragon realm is beautiful but dangerous. Shiori is dealing with immortal beings that do not care about her mortal life. Everyone has an agenda including the King of dragons who wants what Shiori has promised not to give to anyone but the right owner. With every turn full of danger, will Shiori be able to fulfil her promise and make it back home in one piece? And if she can return home, what awaits her in a land that despises magic and knows she has a magic of her own?

Seryu’s feelings for Shiori were more evident in this story but her heart has been given to Takkan and even on her missions, she misses Takkan. The time Shiori spent cursed and in Takkan’s home means that their feelings for each other have had time to grow and be nourished, so there is no room for Seryu as she battles all the promises she has to keep as well as obligations as a princess of Kiata, Takkan never lets go of her hand, he is set on her and will have no other. The love between them is so beautiful and strong, that it brings warmth to the heart.

The magic is more prominent from the beginning in this second book than it was in the first book (six crimson cranes) and it wasn’t until later in the first book that magic was talked about more. We have gone beyond that and are now in the dragon realm where every breath is magic in the second book. And when Shiori leaves the dragon realm, it is all about the demons, their mischief, and misgivings. I found it fascinating the way public opinion could be so easily swayed and the princess wasn’t revered as the Emperor, in fact, the reverence for the Emperor was limited and I suspect it is because there were beings of greater power and importance inhabiting this world.

I gave it 5 out of 5 stars. This story was an emotional roller coaster. I was happy, sad, angry, grieving, joyous, and bashful. It was an amazing adventure of emotions, love, familial bond, and friendship. Elizabeth Lim has done an amazing job with this duology which makes me want to pick up her first duology now. I look forward to being dazzled by her writing again.

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