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This is the second book in the Fair Isle trilogy.

To Wear a Fae Crown by Tessonja Odette

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Every young woman dreams of wearing a crown.
But never a fae crown.
Because the crowns of fae are forged with blood.

Being the forced bride of a fae king was supposed to be torture. King Aspen was supposed to be my enemy.

But I was wrong about him. So wrong I think I might be in love with him.

With our wedding just three days away, we are closer than ever to securing the treaty between the humans and fae. But when my past becomes grounds for invalidating our alliance, war looms yet again.

I’m the only one who can save the Fair Isle. If I do it, I’ll have to give up the man I love. Return to the human realm. Face death.

I swore I’d do anything to save my people. But who are my people? The answer should be easy. The humans. There’s just one problem.

I might not be human after all…


Evie has finally accepted her place by her mate’s side and is looking forward to performing the last act that will secure the treaty between the humans and fae but there is a snag. The human council has invalidated the match because they claim Evie is of fae blood. Evie is baffled, she didn’t even believe in magic when she and her sister were selected to be fae brides, now she is being accused of being fae by her own people. With her mother imprisoned on grounds of treason, Evie will not jeopardise her safety, so she will submit to whatever the human council wants, while longing for her mate and the life that they were going to build together.

Characters that have a sacrificial lamb complex annoy me especially when their plans are stupid, there is obviously another way to save more lives but they only see and pick the path that means they lose their life, thinking it is the more noble option. All our lives are precious to the one who gave it to us, don’t think that you are the only one who can save everyone and that you have to be the one, especially when there is a better plan. Can you tell how peeved I am by fake heroes? Evie is like the embodiment of curiosity killed the cat. ‘I must have every information at my finger tip’ even when getting that information is dangerous, when you rely on only yourself and not on a higher power, you are burdened to think your survival depends on you alone and these types of people don’t trust easily. I gave 4 out of 5 stars because despite my aggravation with the main protagonist, I enjoyed the story.

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