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This is book number 13 and the last book in the King series. I have been reading this series since I was a teenager and I was so delighted to find out there was a new book out.

The Time King by Heather Killough-Walden

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William Balthazar Solan has ruled for eons beyond imagining, always alone as he watches over the spaces between the seconds. But thousands of years ago, Fate created a very special woman. In her William saw a different kind of history, and a rule that was not alone.
Her name was Helena. They fell in love.
But Fate wasn’t finished. Helena is only half of its design. The other half is a six-foot-six blond with cold blue eyes and a taste for blood, Helena’s blood in particular.
His name is Cain.
William and Helena have spent the last few millennia locked in a terrible loop of love and loss as they struggle to be together in the face of a formidable darkness bent on possessing Helena for himself.
But now the chessboard has been turned, the pieces moved. Universes have collided, dimensions have slammed together, and in this new world Fate has no power. This is William’s chance to finally set things right.
All he has to do is convince a woman who doesn’t know or trust him that she’s his long lost love, stop ancient and powerful enemies from destroying the entire planet, and keep Cain from sinking his teeth into Helena all over again.
And unfortunately, in this new world William is also running out of time.


William is the thirteenth king and he is time and time is he. He has been chasing and guarding the same woman for what feels like an eternity. The woman who would be his queen has a peculiar destiny that means she is chased by death relentlessly; if death wins the world will be in trouble. William cannot be with the woman he loves because of this fate. Time offers William a fair chance at her but wherever she goes, she will be followed by death; still it is a chance to have a life with her, so William accepts a bargain.

Helena thinks she is living her life as a warden and doing her best to fulfil her duties but she has lived thousands of lives chased by the same fate. When she meets William under the guise of protecting her, she feels an instant connection to him she has lived many lives with him and although she doesn’t remember them, there is a pull towards him nonetheless. I gave 4 out of 5 stars. This was a great ending to a series that has spanned a long time and seen beautiful romance bloom so it is fitting that the romance to end the series is one that had been going on for centuries with no conclusion until now. I loved every minute. William and Helena didn’t have a lot of time together on their own so sometimes it seemed to me that they had the least chemistry but that is because their relationship wasn’t a focus. This is presumably because it didn’t need to be built from the start; they have had a long history and a strong foundation even though one or both were in situations where they sometimes forgot their history – mostly Helena. The end was very ironic. I can’t wait for the new series that this book suggests is coming.

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