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To Spark a Fae War by Tessonja Odette

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No one dreams of starting a war.
But without a fight there can be no revolution…

I used to protect lives. Now I’ve ended more than I’ve saved. But after being betrayed by the humans I trusted, I have no choice but to fight.

And the battle has begun.

With the truth of my fae heritage exposed, the line between friend and foe is blurred. The human and fae councils are out for blood and will stop at nothing until I, my mate, and my rebel allies are defeated.

If we lose the war, everything I’m fighting for—love, freedom, the fae I’ve sworn to protect—will be destroyed. At least there’s one thing my enemies have underestimated…


Evie is now queen of Fire. She must learn to navigate fae politics, fight a war and discover her unseelie form, all without losing sight of who she is and the bond with her mate. She has a new palace, once belonging to her grandfather, then the fae who had a hand in her grandfather’s exile and now hers. She is learning about her new powers, her unseelie side, and her unique bond with her mate, her sister who betrayed her and her new home all at the same time – talk about overwhelming. She must straddle a fine line in other to make sure she harnesses her power without losing sight of her seelie form and her human heart.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed this most out of the entire books in the trilogy. Evie had grown into a character I could like, even though she still made me roll my eyes at times, it wasn’t as much as when I met her in the first book of the trilogy. I loved the love between Evie and Aspen and I am glad that Evie’s sister came to find contentment despite all she had been through at the start of the trilogy; she had the most growth as a character. There were some obvious predictions which I am glad didn’t spoil the story for me. It was a good story.

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