Rating: 4/5 stars

Category: romance, Adult, paranormal, action, gothic

Publisher: Gollancz

Pages: 339

Trigger: None

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Wild Invitation by Nalini Singh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Beat of Temptation
Innocent Tamsyn has always had a place in her heart for Nathan, a blooded DarkRiver sentinel. But is she ready for the fierce demands of the mating bond?

Stroke of Enticement
A wary young teacher, skeptical about love, arouses the man—and the animal—in an aggressive leopard changeling who must prove his affections are true.

Declaration of Courtship
Grace, a shy submissive wolf, finds herself pursued by the last man she ever would have imagined: a SnowDancer lieutenant said to be “mad, bad, and dangerous to know.”

Texture of Intimacy
SnowDancer healer Lara discovers the searing joys—and unexpected challenges—of being mated to quiet, powerful Walker, a man used to keeping his silence.


A collection of four stories from characters in the psy-changeling series at different time lines. I always love novellas that show more stories of the side characters in a series, in a light that we wouldn’t otherwise see them in the main series. I loved getting to know new characters that were only mentioned in the main series and seeing Nate and Tammy as young people, not the grounded characters they were in the main series. And seeing the stories of other characters that we didn’t know their back stories, like Zach and Annie – that as a real treat.

I gave 4 out of 5 stars. I just love Nalini’s writing so much and anyone who knows me or has been reading my blog for a long time will know that. I couldn’t put this book down when I started it. I was hooked on Tammy and Nate’s story. Nalini’s writing is always phenomenal to me. Psy-changeling series is awesome and I can’t wait to get into the spin-off series called psy-changeling trinity.

James 1:22 But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.

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