Rating: 4/5 stars

Category: New Adult, fantasy, historical, romance, adventure, action

Publisher: Harper Collins

Publication date: 27 October 2022

Pages: 368

Source: Netgalley

Trigger: violence, blood, war, genocide, parental death

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The High Mountain Court by A.K. Mulford

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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A red witch in hiding…

Thirteen years fleeing witch hunters and the looming threat of death. Nineteen-year-old Remy knows she is possibly the last red witch alive, and she is determined to stay that way. The Northern Court King has slaughtered her home court and placed a bounty on red witch heads.

When four fae warriors enter her tavern refuge, Remy tries to flee, but her magic isn’t strong enough to stop a fae prince on a mission. The handsome Prince Hale of the Eastern Kingdom wants to stop a war with the Northern Court before his kingdom befalls the same fate as Remy’s. He needs a red witch and Remy may be the only person alive who can help him. Can she really trust Prince Hale? Can her fallen court be resurrected from the evil clutches of the Northern Court King? For the chance to save herself, her people, and help defeat the Northern King, Remy must put her faith in Hale and his companions on a dangerous quest to find lost relics.


Remy is a red witch who has been on the run since her home was burnt to the ground and her people were massacred, they are still being hunted in parts of the Fae courts. She is uprooted by a Fae prince who has agendas of his own but she has no choice but to follow him or the people who have sheltered her will be in trouble. Remy is full of secrets, yet she seems open at the same time. She is not who she seems and aside from her magic, it seems that a great of length has been taken to hide her background as well. Who is Remy? And why does her bond with Hale seem fated? What happens when her identity is revealed?

The birth and death of a court, running away from responsibility but having to step up when boxed into a tight corner, these are all to be expected from reading this book. I love the language used and the length of the chapters. The jovial relationship between the characters and the adventure they took and let’s not forget all the near death experiences. Like, literally at death’s door a couple of times. I gave this story 4 out of 5 stars because the fated love was so beautiful and the growth of the characters was inspiring. The rest of the books in this series will be just as moving as well, I can just tell.

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